Paros, Cyclades, Greece

Naousa Paros, Cyclades is an ideal destination with many activities. Day cruises with experienced captains in magical places around Paros and Antiparos.

a person with a backpack walking on a rocky terrain

Hiking on Paros Island

Paros offers the opportunity for hiking lovers to experience another side of the island. Following some routes, long or shorter, depending on the mood and your physical condition, the nature of Paros will be revealed and it will amaze you. Each season has its charms. The island has many paths that in older years served as access routes of inhabitants of Paros in fields, beaches, churches, etc. The paths in the mountainous part of Paros, mainly in spring enjoy the greenery, flowers and various plants. During the summer, the smells of sage, oregano and other herbs and of course spectacular views in every season.

kite surfing in Paros

Windsurf & Kitesurf

Many beaches in Paros have excellent facilities for water sports.
Scubadiving - Snorkeling: Dive in to the deep blue of the Aegean sea. Cave diving, shipwreck diving and even WWII airplane wreck diving amongst other beautiful sceneries can be arranged with experienced certified divers around Paros. For more info visit: Paros diving center Windsurf - Kitesurf: The eastern and northern beaches of Paros are among the best areas for windsurf and kitesurf in the world. Golden beach for years organized the World Championship of Windsurfing and Punta is included in the World Championship of Kitesurf. You can find well equipped windsurfing and kitesurfing schools for surfers of all levels, in Santa Maria, at the Golden beach and in Punta opposite Antiparos. For more info visit: Force 7 - ParoSurf - Paroskite

bicycle in Paros

Cycling on Paros Island

Take the opportunity to experience Paros, on two wheels ... Fans of all kind of cycling have the opportunity to experience the hidden beauties of Paros. With the appropriate type of bicycle, one can choose mountain routes following some of the trails or the dirt roads. You can experience the beauty of inland Paros and enjoy the breathtaking views. Of course, there are milder, regional routes along the sea, that reveal idyllic landscapes, beautiful beaches and traditional villages.
We arrange bicycle rentals.

boat trips in Paros

Boat trips & Rentals

Explore Cyclades with a boat and discover the unique hidden beauties. Beaches with turquoise waters you can approach only by boat. Caves, majestic rocks in a variety of colors and shapes emerging from the enchanting sea. Remote rocky islands with churches built on them, fine sandy beaches with pristine sand in small, hidden coves. Choose from a variety of daily, organized excursions or rent a rib and organize your own routes.