tourism makes us better people
Tourism makes us better people

Interpreting the results of Tripadvisor's global research on the psychology of travel, one could say for Greeks who travel, that tourism... makes us better people.

Research exploring how travel changes people's behavior internationally and by nationality is more relevant than ever today as World Tourism Day is celebrated.

One of the main conclusions drawn for Greeks is that 50% of them tend to be more tolerant of others when they return from vacation. The corresponding percentage for international travelers reaches 45%. Also, 40% of Greeks on their return tend to explore their city more compared to 35% of international travelers. 25% of Greeks tend to learn a new language or skill compared to 37% of international travelers. 19% of Greeks focus on relationships compared to 23% of international travelers.
Besides, 38% of travelers worldwide, including 30% of Greeks, enrich their daily diet with new flavors that they try on their travels. In addition, 5% of global and Greek travelers said that a trip encouraged them to get engaged or married.

Contrary to common belief, international travelers are 9 times more likely to seek out unique experiences compared to relaxing experiences. But what are the incentives for residents to travel across continents? According to the survey results, Europeans want to flaunt their enviable experiences, Asians really love exciting experiences, travelers from the Middle East want the experience of getting to know the local culture, and Australians want memorable experiences. Travelers from North America visit relatives, Latin Americans travel to make new acquaintances, and Africans seek to be pampered and feel special. 66% of international travelers are encouraged to plan another trip after returning from vacation, with the US taking the top spot. Travelers most likely to plan their next trip immediately after returning are 85% Brazilian, 84% Australian and 79% British. 54% of international tourists are excited when they book. On the tourism business side, only 16% try to make customers feel like their vacation has already started, and only 27% make travel recommendations before arrival.

gkoutsopoulos | 28.09.2016